Standard True Fit Booster Pack Acrylic Case

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The Standard True Fit Acrylic Booster Pack Case is the perfect accessory for protecting your booster packs! Fits booster packs up to 16 standard-sized cards.

Tested the fitment of the following products (review pictures for expectations):

  • Flesh and Blood® base and supplementary sets
  • Magic the Gathering® draft booster sets
    • Does not fit Jumpstart, Alpha, Beta, or Unlimited
  • Pokemon® standard English booster packs
    • Long tab packs are not compatible
  • Yu-Gi-Oh booster packs


  • Cradle and pane design allows for the utmost care for booster packs, designed for tamper-proof edges, long term storage, and display applications.
  • The patented design allows the booster pack tabs to float within the case, eliminating the cards' weight from the tabs to prevent damage to its seals over time.
  • Toothed clasps on it's edges ensure the case remains shut after closing.
  • Clear acrylic construction provides natural UV protection.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We stand by our product and guarantee a satisfactory fit or your full money back.