About Us

Bearish Cases has taken a long and patient road to get to where it is today with one mission in mind - unapologetically strive to become the industry leader in providing the best quality cases to protect and display card game investments.

Bearish was started by identical twins Chris and Steve Myers in late 2019 after the two recognized that there was a lack of passion in the space of creating cases that reflected the passion of collectors. The result was two fold - create cases they needed to protect and showcase their sealed products while offering the same quality-focused product to the masses in the TCG/CCG community.

They recognize that there is a changing atmosphere with buyers of our generation and the generations to come that demands that businesses put their customers' needs first. Since their launch, the results speaks for themselves and have allowed them to continue growing into 2022 and beyond, expanding into multiple IPs and offer the same founding principles of quality to an ever growing customer base.