Spring Update - Bases, Collaborations, Pro Tour, Distribution, and so much more!

Posted by Christopher Myers on

Hey folks,

It's been a while since our last update but if you follow our Facebook page you will see lots of things happening on our end.

First, we have been building relationships with partners in large scale distribution and are close to establishing a partner in this goal as of the time of this writing. Hopefully soon this will be a boon to all LGSs in the United States and will open us up to offering our full suite of acrylic cases. This will include all of the offerings for Flesh and Blood, Pokémon Modern Booster Boxes and ETBs, Magic: The Gathering Draft and Collector's Boxes, Yu-Gi-Oh Booster Boxes, and more. This will be Bearish's great chance to break through and with your support at the LGS level, this will allow us to grow into offering more acrylic cases and awesome accessories for collectors going forward.

We have seen great success with our pack cases and are working with our suppliers now to produce more of these wonderful units. We still have a little over a thousand in stock but want to make sure we do not run out. We are very thankful for our collaborations with OpenBoosters and FaB Unsealed who recently have performed a series of box breaks using tamper proof seals and on-screen videos to provide provenance for these sealed packs. We are certain that packs sealed by these and other reputable members of the collecting community will only help to increase their value over time and allow collectors to own a piece of history instead of having to dump tens of thousands of dollars on sealed booster boxes.

OpenBoosters had resealed a 60 pack box of MTG The Dark and I had the pleasure to watch the whole stream. It is long, but there are surprises that definitely make it worth it that I cannot spoil. Watch it here! We have an exclusive deal with OpenBoosters where they are selling a 12 Unit Inner Pack of our pack cases for $100 SHIPPED! We will not be matching this price and encourage anyone who has a need for 10 or more cases to shop through OpenBoosters - Click Here for the Exclusive Deal.

With FaB Unsealed, Chris Sires decided to do a 180 on his brand and actually SEAL booster packs as well. The streams were very successful and we were thrilled to be a part of his new journey on offering these products to the market. As the packs sold out for his first ARC 1st and WTR Alpha reseals, we encourage you to join his Patreon. Not only do you get a discount on the products he is offering, you will be exclusively offered the products before the rest of the world has a chance at them. Feel free to check out the streams at FaB Unsealed's YouTube Channel.

Steven and I will both be attending Flesh and Blood's Pro Tour: Baltimore. My brother and his wife will be competing and I will be hanging out behind the booth at FaB Unsealed's location, giving them a hand with all of the events they have planned. You can also find our Bearish Cases there at the booth where the FaB Unsealed team will be offering our Standalone, Expansion, and Pack Cases to you so you can protect your products with the best cases on the market. If you have any questions and want to chat it up, feel free to come say hi!

Lastly, we have uploaded the new 3D Printable Bases for both our booster box and pack cases to enhance their displayability. We ourselves have printed the bases in blue, red, and black and all have turned out great (even though our Ender 3 gives us trouble sometimes... argh!). If you wind up taking advantage of these resources, we hope you share pictures online and tag us in them! You can also find replacement printable Avery Label templates and Instruction sheets on there as well.

As always, if you have any general questions or comments, please message us at support@bearishcases.com and for all business inquiries, please message us at b2b@bearishcases.com. I am the one who 99% of the time will be responding so I look forward to hearing from you. See you all at ProTour and here's to the future of collectables!