Informational Update - March 15, 2022

Posted by Christopher Myers on

Hello Everyone,

We are making adjustments to the site to bring more savings to you. First and foremost, we are adjusting the prices of our Base and Supplemental Set cases to $24.99 and our carton cases when they release will be $49.99. Also, we have applied a sitewide discount of 10% off your total order when you order 10 or more cases. We have discontinued the 10-pack offerings in favor of this new 10% off code because you will save even more than what was offered before.

We are planning on placing our order for the v2.0 cases in mid to late April so we are expecting these cases to arrive mid-year. Given our struggles with supply chain last year with our previous supplier, we do not want to give any concrete dates regarding availability at this moment. We will have more updates to come from our supplier when that order goes in in regards to expected delivery date.

As always, any questions you may have can be directed to us at