Extremely Important: Read Before Buying Our Cases

Posted by Christopher Myers on

It has come to our attention that base and supplement set booster boxes produced in Japan do NOT fit our v1.0 cases. To find out if your box was made in Japan, refer to the bottom of your box. The last line will say where it is manufactured.

Japan (DOES NOT FIT - Picture from Unlimited WTR Box):

Belgium (FITS - Picture from 1st Ed Monarch Box):

We ask that all customers reach out to us directly if you run into any sizing issues with your cases.

We are working with our supplier to produce true fit cases for the Japan manufactured base set and supplement set booster boxes to protect this product. You can view the Preorders for these cases on our Products page for Flesh and Blood. Rest assured we offer a full money-back guarantee with all of our cases if you discover any issue with your cases you purchase from us.

Please contact us at support@bearishcases.com with any questions you may have. We are here to help you directly.