Bearish Fall Update - The Future of Protection

Posted by Christopher Myers on

Things are looking very exciting for the Bearish brand! We have made great strides in obtaining funding for the manufacturing and shipping of our entire Bearish line of cases, along with developing more products for display and protection.


We are thrilled to announce that we have been approved for a sizable Small Business Association loan that will allow us to immediately go into production with most of our products.

This will also support the potential distribution opportunity we talked about in our spring update. There was some growing challenges on both sides of the table (nothing bad or being at odds with one another, strictly growing challenges individually in both of our businesses) and things are back on track to launch our presale in the near future.

New Products

We've made a lot of hopeful promises along the way with our product line but after navigating the challenges of the past two years, we finally are in a position to move forward since the garnering of our funds. Our plans at the moment are to offer everything except for our carton cases for Flesh and Blood. They are still in development and in the R&D phase after the damage the first run sustained in shipping.

These new products will include:

Flesh and Blood

  • Standalone Booster Box, both Belgium and Japan, Foil and Paper Packs
  • Expansion Booster Box, both Belgium and Japan, Foil and Paper Packs
  • Alpha Hero Deck Display (8 Deck Sealed Display)
  • Alpha Hero Deck Box


  • Standalone Set
  • Illumineer's Trove

Magic: The Gathering

  • Draft Booster Box - Modern
  • Collector's Booster Box


  • 2nd Gen Booster Box (English)
  • Elite Trainer Box (English)


  • Standalone Set (Alpha)
  • Preconstructed Deck Box Kit (Alpha)
  • Preconstructed Deck Box (Alpha)


  • Base Set Booster Box


  • Patented Booster Pack Acrylic Cases

Future Designs

There are quite a few future designs we are working on at the moment, two of which require injection molding and possible patenting. We will continue to work with the different TCG communities to make sure we are up to date on current and existing products that need protecting.


What in the world is fracting? The word comes from a term used in chemistry - to fractionate. This is where you are taking a larger component and breaking it down into smaller parts.

We at Bearish are just like you - avid collectors at heart. We see that there is a demand in the industry to collect single booster packs because as booster boxes age, they themselves become unaffordable to the masses. A very similar concept can be found in the precious metals industry where a 1oz gold coin may be too expensive for the everyday person, but 1/10oz of gold is way more affordable.

We are partnering with trusted members of the community to pioneer a new way of collecting the single booster packs you desire. Fracting will allow customers a new way to purchase packs of cards that are untampered, not weighed, and have a serialized seal of provenance with many layers of security unique to the participating fracter.

The process of a fract is a fracter will film themselves opening a booster box of cards without any cuts in the video or products leaving the field of view. The fracter will unseal a booster box, place the individual booster packs into our patented pack cases, and seal them with our approved serial labels. All labels will have a QR code on them that marry up to a database of which we have ownership which will allow customers to easily see the details of the fract, the video in which the pack was sealed, and we are working with TCGPlayer to also display current values of what the pack is worth amongst other features.

This novel method will allow customers to have protected, provenance reinforced products verified by us at Bearish to further add value to your investments. Look for future videos explaining and showing the process more in detail in the near future.


We hope you found our fall update useful and informative. We are excited about the cooperation we are receiving from all TCG communities and cannot wait to see what the end of 2023 into 2024 has in store for all of us. Providing you with a product we ourselves are proud of, we look forward to servicing your product protection needs. I'll end as I always do and say if there is any questions or comments you have, please message us at