Flesh and Blood® True Fit Acrylic Case v1.0 - Supplement Set (Made in Belgium)

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Attention: Acrylic Case only fits product that is Made in Belgium. Read more about the discovery by clicking here.

The Flesh and Blood® True Fit Acrylic Case - Supplement Set is the perfect accessory for protecting your supplement set booster boxes for Flesh and Blood.

Fits Sets:

  • Crucible of War - CRU
  • Everfest - EVR (READ: Our cases have been tested with Everfest and they fit but are tighter than we like. We will be adding a millimeter to the front and side measurements to compensate for the extra space in our v2.0 cases that are expected later this year. If your boxes have thick plastic wrapping dimples, it may cause pulling on the wrapping. Please contact us with any questions if you are considering buying.)


- Sliding acrylic base with four points of contact to provide for more rigidity branded with our frosted Bearish logo.
- Unique bottom loading design for seamless presentation.
- Adhesive sticker to hold the sliding pane in place after your box is loaded.