FAQ - Bearish Acrylic Cases

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We have received a lot of great feedback and questions regarding our acrylic cases we are producing. Here are a few we would like to highlight: 

Are the cases magnetic?

We have seriously considered going this route but we decided against it for the following reasons:

  • The case would have had to have been significantly thicker to accommodate the magnets.
  • If the case was incorrectly picked up, it could have caused the sliding pane to still dislodge and risk damaging the product inside.

The solution we went with was a clear adhesive circle/sticker that many manufacturers use to adhere the opening edges of their boxes. When collectors place their product in protective acrylic cases, they are rarely - if ever - removed.

Why the engraved logo?

We are extremely passionate about TCGs and put that love into all of our products. We wanted to have a way that lets buyers know that this is a "Bearish Case". Our watermark is placed on the sliding pane so that it is inconspicuous. When you display your case, we want your product to be the complete center of attention. Our logo will not be seen when your box is on display.

Why bottom load the box?

As stated, our logo will not be seen when your box is on display. We display our own boxes and there always is an edge that stands out from the rest as the "loading edge". We came up with the idea of hiding all of this by making the loading edge the base of the box. The end result is a beautiful presentation from all the five different viewing sides of the box.

Do you provide discounts for large orders?

We are currently offering an additional $2 off per case for orders of 10 units or more.


If you have further questions or comments, please feel free to reach out at support@bearishcases.com. Thank you for your consideration.